Relaxation Guru

Creating health and ease in every moment

Relaxation Guru

Creating health and ease in every moment

Live On-line Workshops

Whether your relaxation quest is just beginning or whether you have meditated for decades, Relaxation Guru has the perfect programmer to suit you, your lifestyle or your budget.

Somatic Body Release Exercises

This method reorganizes connections between the brain and body and so improves body movement and psychological state by repairing and recalibrating the nervous system.


Pilates is a system created to strengthen the body and help us improve balance, tone and postural alignment.

Dance and Movement

It is proven that dance increases our serotonin levels, relaxes our body and uplifts our spirits. Recent research now demonstrates that it also balances the communication between the hemispheres of the brain.

Nutrition and Diet

Workshops and advice on eating healthier throughout the work day, so you can be more productive and sustain energy levels and focus.

Kundalini Yoga

The fastest growing yoga on the planet enables quick, monumental changes in health and wellbeing through yoga and meditations.

Meditation and mindfulness

Mediation and mindfulness techniques help us to stay calm and focused in the pressure of highly demanding environments and are essential tools for today’s busy lifestyles.

Virtual Stress Reduction Classes

From the Comfort of your own Home

The Health Coach

At Relaxation Guru, we take a holistic view of a life. We understand that a truly good life implies health on all levels. This means having a strong, flexible body, a creative, curious mind and a heart bursting with joy and love of life.

Our passion is helping you to achieve this goal of happiness on all levels in an easy and enjoyable way. Our philosophy is one of being entirely present in the moment. We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. With Relxation Guru your relaxed, fulfilled life starts right here and right now.


"I want to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant" 

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Health Coach

1 to 1 sessions available

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